Our Purpose

We believe that when we work together, fraternities and sororities have the power to catalyze change and give voice to students. We uphold high standards of integrity and respect, promote inclusion, and provide service to make a difference in the community.

Group session during the 2017 Fraternal Leaders Summit



We are the forward-thinking leaders of the fraternity and sorority community at Penn, and we’re here to reinvent the meaning of Greek. Our maverick approach to a centuries-old tradition heralds a new age of progressive thought– and action– on campus.


The first Greek organization at Penn was established in 1849. Sororities and fraternities everywhere are steeped in the rituals from their origins, the architecture for their traditions and present-day structure . Our organizations provide a foundation of transformational leadership that today centers on holistic education and experiential learning.


We’re guided from foundation to the forefront by our values and ethics. When we take the helm, we aim our sights high and map out our goals. We navigate the challenges that cross our path, and if we don’t make it to our destination, we take our bearings, and choose a new direction.


From the start, we were designed to forge strong and authentic relationships. Today those connections span beyond our brothers and sisters, to the campus community to provide a supportive network of resources. The importance we place on these relationships, and the accessible, inclusive spaces those partnerships create, are what make us grow– together.


We are a community with a cause, motivating our members to take the reins and implement change through service and philanthropy. Each year we welcome a new class of students to our Greek community, where we encourage them to harness their energy and passion, and provide them with the support system they need to positively influence the campus culture and local community.

Greek Awards Reception 2017

Statement of Philosophy

Our philosophy for an optimal fraternal experience is through an active, four-way partnership with:

  • each chapter and its leadership;
  • alumni/ae members through advisory boards and house corporations;
  • inter/national headquarters;
  • the University of Pennsylvania, through collaboration with its many offices and resources

This network is essential in providing maximum support to the undergraduate chapter members and leaders, and provides a strong, consistent message for all involved.

Council leaders at NGLA 2017 in Hartford, CT

Addressing the VPUL Priorities

We focus on the following strategic priorities outlined by the Division of the Vice Provost for University Life (VPUL):

Addressing the evolving needs of our diverse student community
Fraternities and sororities form relationships among students to build lifelong friendships. OFSL works to bring our community together through a shared sense of purpose.

Fostering innovative practices in University Life
OFSL is in the vanguard of working strategically with partners across the University to bring about high-quality programs and enhanced learning resources for our staff.

Enhancing student co-curricular learning and development
OFSL programs help members integrate knowledge across all areas of their Penn experiences and life after college. The fraternal experience builds a foundation for cultivating moral character and leadership development.

Promoting student health and wellness
Fraternity and sorority risk prevention programs give our students a moral compass to ensure each individual’s health and well-being, and that of our entire community.

Encouraging local and global engagement
Fraternities and sororities instill a sense of purpose to make an impact in society and the world. Our organizations actively partner with the community to provide meaningful engagement through service.